Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God's Handi-Work!

I am blessed to have wonderful friends and to live in an amazing state! Only God could give us the beauty of TX wildflowers and the gorgeous area we found in Chappel Hill!We found a beautiful neighborhood with fantastic bluebonnets, gorgeous backgrounds, and friendly horses! God blessed us with much better weather than we anticipated and we ended up having a great road trip! Thanks J family for taking us out there and allowing me to capture your adorable kiddos and the beautiful scenery!


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Carrots to Cats!

I got to meet my new friends this past Monday out in Richmond, TX at the Enchanted Gardens flower nursery! Miss E & Mr S are so adorable and sweet! They made this shoot too easy for me! I had so many favorites and wish I could post them all! Mr S is turning the big 2 in a few weeks and is also learning to walk - way to go big guy! We had fun "pulling carrots" and then using that to play with the kitten who was running around!  They are very Blessed to have wonderful, loving Christian parents who have done such a fantastic job with them! They attend the same church I do, but because it is a large church, I don't often get the chance to mingle with many of the young kids - so I'm hoping this will be the first of many times we get together! And I can't wait to meet their future bro/sis who will be here in October! Thanks mom for helping me out with all the smiles!!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If You're Gonna Live in Texas........ have to have your pictures taken in bluebonnets! Come on - it's bluebonnet season and does Texas get any prettier than right now? Much to our delight, this little gem of a field was not far at all from Mr. C's house and we decided to take our chance on possibly trespassing in order to get a few great photos! Mr. C brought all of his charming personality this time and did so good that we finished in 30 minutes! Big thanks to mom for helping me and for being willing to try lots of things with me! Thanks also for the Sonice treat afterwards - it was much needed after our little near-death experience in the end of our shoot - totally worth the laughs we will share for a long time to come!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Game On!!!

I say "game on" because Mr. C brought his "game face" for a lot of our shoot today! Inside I know he was laughing at his mother and I as we were trying to find all the smiles that are normally just pouring out of him! We did manage to find a number of his happy faces! He celebrated the 9 month milestone back at the beginning of March and I am very blessed to have been able to follow him over the past 9 months! I can't believe our next shoot will be 1 year! Why do they have to grow up sooo fast?? Thanks Mom for helping me and for all the laughs we shared over this and will likely always share!