Monday, September 20, 2010

Twice the Blessing- Part 1

You saw the maternity pics back in August for the beautiful mother of these two precious babies and just about 10 days ago, she brought two, healthy 7lb babies into this world! This is my 1st set of newborn twins to get to photograph and I couldn't be prouder of how these turned out! After looking at these pictures how could you not want twins???? The A family is twice blessed with this pair, not to mention they have a gorgeous older sister to top it off! I'm looking forward to Part 2 of this shoot when mom, dad & big sister will all make an apperance! Thanks soooo much to mom & nana C for helping me with all of this - I definitely couldn't have done it without you! We brought lots of laughs and memories (wet & dry ones) away from this day!
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Tim and Tayde said...

oh my goodness what a beautiful babies :-)
Chamita these pictures are incredible

Blogahon said...

You captured their preciousness so perfectly, Katie. What beautiful babies! said...

Your best ever! And how, I ask, HOW, can you get better? You rock every shoot! These pics are amazing. Just breathtaking. I seriously don't think they could be any, any better!