Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still catching up......

I'm still catching up on blog posts, but the good news is that these families have long since received their CD of pictures and probably already have mailed out their Christmas cards! The weekend after Thanksgiving was COLD, or at least the mornings were! This amazing family came out early on that Saturday to Pecan Park and were very happy to be there! The kids ranged in age so there was very little room for negotiation with them so our group shots of the kids, well, were short-lived. Needless to say there were smiles but also a few tears shed (only from the babies, not the adults). I had fun and we all were laughing at some point about quite a few different things! Thank you to all of the moms & dads for all of the help and for getting out there so early & on time! Merry Christmas!

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