Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Delivery!

Meet Baby C & Baby J, the absolutely adorable 10 day old twins of the B family! The B family welcomed in these 6 lb 3 oz boys (same length too!) and already they can't remember what life was like with just one kiddo (their sweet daughter K). The boys decided that deep sleep wasn't part of the game plan, nor was pictures together - HA! They decided they didn't want to share the spotlight together, so lots of individuals were in order! Baby J is the one with the "crazy" hair and Baby C has the "smooth" hair! Can't wait to watch these boys grow up, along with their beautiful big sis! They will have the most amazing blue eyes - you wait and see!

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Laurel Tanneberger said...

These are soooo adorable---the one of the father holding his son, oh my goodness, gorgeous!