Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weekday bluebonnets........

Here are a few pics from 2 weekday sessions that were done in what was less than a week before a marvelous field of bluebonnets. It's amazing how quickly flowers can die when they don't have water.......praying for the drought to end soon so maybe southeast Texas can get their bluebonnets back next year!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Searching for bluebonnets.....

Ahhhh so the search began on April 1st for my location for bluebonnet mini sessions! My scouting partners included Mr J., who had indeed turned 9 months in March and decided that bluebonnets would make a great addition to his baby plan! We did indeed find a "bluebonnet field of dreams" which in this past year of a horrible drought, hence no wildflowers, brought great relief to my fears of not finding any flowers at all!! I'll explain more in my next bluebonnet post but for now please enjoy the handsome Mr J and of course his beautiful big sis who is a great model :) Thanks A for the fun & exciting time we had while out scouting! See you in June for the big ONE year celebration!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Introducing Miss A........

This beautiful little girl entered the world on her due date! She decided it wouldn't be right to suprise her mom by coming early nor did she want to be late for her own birthday celebration, so she decided to come right on time! I met Miss A when she was not even a week old yet and she was a fantastic model! Her big brother was there but decided that he would be in just a few pictures and at the time had not really warmed up to holding her yet (although that has already changed!). Everyone is very excited to have the first granddaughter in the family and I was blessed to be able to capture some of those precious moments with them! Thank you H family for working with me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flawless beauty!

Isn't she gorgeous? Another beautiful senior that I've been blessed to work with this year! The class of 2011 has been filled with some seriously intelligent, stunning ladies! This lovely lady is no exception - she told me about all the different things she's thought about doing in college & for her future, and they all sound amazing! We enjoyed an evening in Downtown Richmond a few weeks ago before it got to be so hot outside! It wasn't until after our shoot that I found out she's not real fond of trains but she worked past her fears and took some gorgeous pics up there! Congrats Miss E, I wish you all the best in college - can't wait to hear which school you choose!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why I love my job.....

Sometimes I have trouble calling what I do my "job" because most of the time it never seems like "work"!! When I get to go out to the park and simply enjoy watching a family playing & interacting at the park, it's more a blessing to me than it is work! I had a fantastic time with the A family and their seriously cute boys! This was my first time to work with this family, but the boys did great - simply because they were doing something they do quite often! I am blessed to not only attend the same church as this great family but to also call them friends! Thank you A family for a great time!