Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brenham, blue bell, friends........

I love it when I have to opportunity to spend time with my clients at "home" or as in this case at their Nana's house in Brenham! I had so much fun getting the chance to explore their property and see how they spend their time when they are out there! We originally planned this shoot way back in the Fall and decided to wait until Spring thinking that there would be the usual field of bluebonnets in April on their property in which to take pictures but we all know how that went this year! Needless to say we were not hurting for any spots to take pics - lots of wonderful photos & memories came out of that Saturday evening! Thank you sooo much to the J family for inviting me out to Brenham and as always to my friends the S family for being the kind, sweet & photogenic family that you always are :)

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