Saturday, June 25, 2011

Out running the storm........

June has been a crazy month full of birthday parties, catching up with friends & family from out of town, and much more! Back to catching up on blogging some of these fun times! Rewind back to the first Sunday in June when it decided to rain for the first time in a long, long time on certain parts of the city. And not just rain, crazy hurricane-like winds that took out a lot of people's power including mine! So we waited until the last minute, exchanged lots of "should we try it?" text messages, and then decided we should take our chances! The rain literally skirted just north of downtown Richmond, leaving us with some cloud cover and slightly lower temps! You'll recognize several of these folks from last December when I worked with M's sides of the the family. Well now it was A's turn to bring along her mom, dad, sis, & future bro-in-law for some picks - oh and her future BABY GIRL because she is due to have another gorgeous baby this fall! We had a lot of fun hanging out together, watching for trains, hunting for rocks, & taking a few pics as well! Thanks to all of you for a great time! Congrats to M & E on your upcoming wedding & to M & A on the news of your baby girl coming this fall!

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