Monday, October 24, 2011

Magical Forests & Fairies........

This little beauty is another one of the kiddos who was born in the same week in early September as several of my other friends 5 years ago. She & her momma joined me back in mid-September to capture her 5 year milestone. She has the most vivid & large imagination of any child I've ever met so I thought it would be fun to tell her we were going to a "magical forest" that has fairies & such! However, I forgot that she also has a long list of fears....whoops. Therfore the first 30 minutes of our shoot were quite interesting to say the least. She recovered & did an amazing job for me! I'm in love with her blue eyes & how they sparkle in the sun! She even has a brother with matching eyes ;) Thanks W & L for a very fun & eventful evening! :)

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