Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to November again

Yes, I am still waaaay behind in blogging all the Fall/Christmas card sessions but it's been so much fun going back and looking at all of these pics & reliving the memories! This family is very close to my heart & I've had the chance to watch their youngest grow sooo much over the last 6 months! She was almost 4 months in these pictures and this weekend will be turning 6 months! She is soooo full of fat rolls & chubby cheeks that I can't get enough of her! Back to these pics though - the oldest Mr K turned 7 in November and had his front teeth grow back in - quite the milestone! Can't wait to share Miss C's first 6 months worth of pics with you soon! Love you W family!

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Team Tanneberger said...

Great work! Love 'em all! Thank you for the funny comment on my blog, you funny girl, you!