Thursday, May 16, 2013

High steppin' through the grass.....

This handsome little guy absolutely cracks me up every time I see him! He's always a little shy & quiet at first but is talking & laughing non-stop by the time we are done! We walked through lots of "pasture" during this shoot while the cows watched us from a distance - I'm pretty sure they were laughing at us though as we had to "high step" it over their land mines :) Never a dull moment in my job! :)

Full of sticks............

Love, love, love this family! It's always an adventure when I hang out with them & last fall was no exception ;) There was twirling, stick hunting, and of course there was bark/dirt throwing (disclaimer - mom did it, not me!) :) Always a fun time when I'm with them & hope to see them again soon!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Isn't this little guy the cutest thing you've seen today??? Such a sweet personality & a blast to be around! Had a great time getting to know this family for the first time last November! Yes, eventually I will blog 2013 too! :)

It was fun to look back at these pics today & remember just how much fun we had that day! I also get to see just how much these kiddos have grown since last November! Looking forward to showing off this baby planner's 4 month pics, their bluebonnet minis & her soon to be taken 8 month pics very soon! :) Time flies when you're having fun!

Back to posting....

Been way too long since I made a post here but let's just say getting married, moving, & trying to get settled takes longer than I thought! Editing on a much bigger screen now in an office with gorgeous natural light! Life is good! Enjoy this beautiful family from last November! They have another baby coming to their family this summer! Can't wait to see the new addition! :)