Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet guy!

Met up with this handsome little guy to capture some moments of life at 7 months for him! He didn't think we were all that funny that day but we definitely worked hard to get the smiles we got! Love this guy!!!

Boys rule in 2013!

Loved all the props this sweet little guy's mamma had for his shoot! So much fun for me to use someone else's stuff! :) He also has a beautiful big sister who spent a little one on one time with me while little brother was eating! Looking forward to seeing this family again in October!!!!

Love me some chubby cheeks!

I don't think anyone can resist the chubby cheeks on this precious 4 month old! And not to forget her rolls on her thighs and gorgeous blue eyes!! I love my baby planners & it's hard to believe that since this shoot I've seen her several more times, most recently being her 1st birthday party! Time goes by too fast!

Such a flirt!

Can you tell just how easy this shoot was??? Such a little sweet flirt! He comes from a line of gorgeous siblings! Loved seeing him this past January for his 1 year pics! Can't wait to see the whole family in a few weeks for fall pics!

Such a sweet girl!

This precious baby girl was the first newborn of 2013 for me! It's definitely been a year for boys but the few girls I have met have been oh so precious! If I ever get caught up, I'll have this sweetie's 6 month pics to show you! As always, my facebook page is updated regularly with what I am currently working on - might want to check it out!!!