Sunday, April 27, 2014

Now 2 big sisters!

This is an opposite of the last post I just did - this little guy came into his family with 2 big sisters! And they couldn't be any prouder to have a little brother :) We found out early during his session though that this little guy enjoyed being warm and so most of his pics involved some snuggling of some sort - nothing wrong with that! :)

Precious in pink

This beautiful baby girl came into a family with 2 big brothers. She will always have someone to watch out for her! She slept like a champ through the whole session - wish they all did that! :) 

Adding to their family

This beautiful family asked me to capture not only their "pre-baby" pics but also the special first moments of their 2nd baby girl. Loved getting to feel all the "before & after" love that they share as a family :) 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adopted with love

This sweet guy was adopted into one of my favorite families last summer! He has since grown SO much and is such a happy boy! I can't wait to see him again soon for his 9 month pics! 

Not a smash fan!

This little guy did great for his 1 year pics, but decided he wasn't a morning time cake fan! Apparently he did better for his actual party but for picture sake, he said no thanks! :) 

Back when we were sweating........

Before long we will all remember what it's like to feel like you can cut the air with a knife when you step out the door on a lovely Texas summer morning! Those days will return sooner than we like! Until then enjoy this gorgeous family!